What Is ACE Method

ACE is an acronym for: Analyze, Correct, and Empower. It’s the broad terms for the approach I take when working with athletes. I’m naturally scientific, technical and detailed about coaching so I automatically want start by detecting any bad habits or natural tendencies that an athlete might have and then correct them. This is the method that I have developed:

Why I Created This Site

Coaching is what I am most passionate about! It’s what I am best at and it’s where I can make the most impact on other peoples lives! I’ve learned a lot over the past 30 years and I want to pass it on to whoever can benefit. It would break my heart to think that all this experience could go to waste when I die.

Truthfully, I love coaching so much that I wish I could do it full time. In addition to using this site as a means of passing on my knowledge, I’m also hoping it will provide that opportunity. I don’t know yet what that will look like, but I’m going to start with sharing what I know with everyone and hopefully growing a team of athletes and other coaches who want to learn.

About Mike Caton

Summary of Qualifications

I am an excellent coach and trainer that knows a heck of a lot about the human body and how it responds to training. I’ve been in this game for over 35 years so I’ve gained a lot of practical experience to go along with sound formal education (see summary).

I have trained athletes of all ages and levels of experience. To date, I have coached 62 state champions/finalists in hurdles alone. 

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