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Are you a track coach with no hurdling experience or a hurdler with no coach? Don’t worry, I have compiled 25 years of experience coaching middle school, high school, club and college hurdlers to create tools to help you jump ahead of your competitors in your knowledge of hurdling. Check out this video to learn more.

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I researched a lot of hurdle coaches to get help with my High School team, then I found the one! In my first year coaching, I sent two kids to state. That hadn’t happened at our school in over two decades!

Seth Guenther

High School Hurdle Coach

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Hurdle Training For High School Athletes | Hurdling For Beginners | Middle School Athletes

If you are coaching high school or middle school athletes how to hurdle, this video series is for you. In this first video, I’m going to teach you a step step process to identify which athletes on your team should be your hurdlers while at the same time, teaching them from the beginning the most fundamental skills they need to be great.

**CORRECTION: The spaces mentioned in the video are wrong 🙁
They should be:
Lane 2: (4) mini hurdles. Same, but hurdles 2-4 are spread 24’ (7.5) apart
Lane 3: (4) mini hurdles. Same, but hurdles 2-4 are spread 26’ (8m) apart
Lane 4: (4) mini hurdles. Same, but hurdles 2-4 are spread 28’ (8.5m) apart
So sorry 🙁

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Become a Faster Hurdler

Can She Learn to Hurdle? Part 3 | Coaching Hurdles for Beginners | How to Hurdle

Can she learn to hurdle? Watch the third session as I guide a young middle school girl through her first steps in hurdling in this comprehensive tutorial! This video covers ...essential hurdling techniques and drills tailored specifically for beginners, providing a solid foundation for track and field enthusiasts looking to excel in the sport. From hurdle basics to running techniques, join us on this journey as we explore the fundamentals of hurdling for newcomers. Whether you're a parent seeking guidance for your child or a new athlete eager to learn, this hurdling guide offers valuable insights with the support of expert coaching. Don't miss out on this motivating session filled with tips, tricks, and coach motivation to kickstart your hurdling journey!

Hurdling 101: A detailed, step by step approach to teaching beginner hurdlers.

Hurdling 201: Improve Your Steps, Technique and Start Racing in the Fast Heats

Hurdling 301: Secrets of the Fastest Hurdlers:

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Hurdle Technique Cheat Sheet:

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Hurdle Training Plan: Full-Season training Plan for Coaches:

Hurdle Training Plan : Full-Season training Plan for Athletes:

Contact Coach Mike Caton:

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ACE Hurdling Articles

"Coach Caton took me from a beginner my junior year of high school to a top 10 state ranking in both hurdle events in one year!"
Elijah Brown
Hurdler - Metro State University
"Coach Caton is an all around great coach, from his technical advice to his caring and friendly personality. He pays attention to detail"
Grace Wenham
Hurdler - University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
"Coach Caton helped me to hone my technique while keeping the main thing the main thing—speed! I am so thankful"
Tiffany Kenney-Burak
Heptathlete - Tulane University

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