ACE Hurdler
Pre Season Challenge


Take the Challenge and Soar Into the 2024 Season!

Let Coach ACE help you get ready for the season with the pre season training used by over 60 state champs and finalists!  By participating in this challenge, you will receive:

Here's the Link to Tonight's Zoom Session:

Questions You May Have

How will the live coaching sessions work?

The sessions will take place on Zoom Sundays at 7:00 PM ET. You’ll get an invitation in the mail. For those that can’t make that time, np problem. The sessions will be recorded and available on this website.

How long will Live Zoom coaching go on?

The first zoom session will be 1/21/2024 and will continue for 4-6 weeks to coincide with the US high school season. 
FYI, the plan is to continue this throughout the entire US season for athletes and coaches that purchased the Hurdle Training Plan.

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ACE Hurdler Pre Season Challenge

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